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Smart solutions provide inspirations to the city of tomorrow. WaveGIS’s vision explores how near-term ICT advancements, such as smart traffic monitoring, smart flood defense as well as smart rivers and water resources management, can potentially interact with urban pervasive digital infrastructures and create cohesive ecosystems.
WaveGIS shifts the way people's lives throughout their cities by best IoT practices and innovations in order to shape the futures of livable and sustainable city.
Smart IoT Devices more
As the revolution of Internet of Things, through the IoT devices developed by WaveGIS, the company can master the technologies and professions in hydrologic/hydraulic monitoring, sluice opening element, structural safety assessment, LPWAN data transmission and overall intelligent management and control applications.
Through design, development, manufacturing, installation and configuration of smart IoT devices, WaveGIS integrates these innovative and pragmatic equipment in order to enhance and assist customers' demands cost-effectively and productively.
Software Platform more
Software plays a fundamental and increasing role as the diverse applications following the pace of IoT evolution. A highly open and flexible software platform becomes the core of essential IoT infrastructures towards standardization, modularization and customization in order to manage and control engineering parameters of ecosystems.
WaveGIS emphasizes the strength of sustainable progresses driven by crossing the boundaries between physical hardware elements and industrial scientific methodologies. Therefore, WaveGIS proves that the true power of IoT applications is software platforms.

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